Mom Bloggers Planet Reward Points!

Mom Bloggers Planet aka MBP telah melancarkan MBP Rewards Points baru-baru ini.Sangat mudah …tak perlu jadi ahli pun utk mengumpul reward points kat MBP nih!

Macamana nak dapatkan points?

Cara mendapatkan reward points:

1.Promote Mom Bloggers Planet

Little Mama says:”If you have created special blog post(s) about MomBloggersPlanet in your blog from 1st August 2009 onwards, you’re entitled to 50 MBP Reward Points. Promoting MomBloggersPlanet in your blog with link back is the simplest thing to do.

The blog post will give you 50 points as well as a better chance for you to become one of the Top Referrer. And, that could give you another 100 points.

Just let me know that you have done this by leaving a comment here with the link to your blog post.”

2.Nominate Mom Bloggers Planet

Little Mama says:”If you have nominated MomBloggersPlanet in any related Blog Awards such as Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards or Denaihati Weblog Popular 1Malaysia, you’ll get 500 MBP Reward Points!

Well, for Nuffnang Blog Awards, only one person can nominate a blog in each category. Thus, no more chances to nominate because someone already nominate MBP in the related categories.

But, you still have the chance to get 500 reward points by nominating MomBloggersPlanet in the Denaihati Weblog Popular 1Malaysia.-“dateline dilanjutkan ke 31 Oktober 09.

Just let me know by leaving a comment here.”

3.Become MBP’s month’s top referrers Rujuk cara no.1.Lagi banyak klik ke Mom Bloggers Planet melalui blog anda, maka lagi cerah peluang menjadi top referrers pada bulan tersebut!Kesemua top referrers akan mendapat 100 point dan Gold member di Blog Directory.Manakala top referrer yang pertama akan mendapat free blog interview oleh MBP.

**Baru: 2 Top refferers bagi bulan Oktober akan turut menerima hadiah sumbangan Bagskaki seperti di bawah.Sila klik sini utk maklumat lanjut.

Klik gambar utk bacaan lanjut.Best kan?

4.Menjadi MBP Ambasador,Comittee dan Contributor akan diupdate oleh MBP kemudian.

Dah tu…selepas kumpul points,ape yang saya dapat?

Kumpul point dan anda boleh redeem untuk:
  • 2,000 points – Free Blog Interview in Featured Article (7 days free fame on MBP)
  • 2,000 points – Free Product/Service Review in Featured Article (7 days free advertising on MBP)
  • 5,000 points – Free Little Kids Photography Session (outdoor/indoor – Klang Valley only)
  • 7,000 points – Free Blog Make-over + 1 Year Hosting ( using WordPress)
  • 7,000 points – Free Sales Blog Make-over + 1 Year Hosting ( using CubeCart)
Oh ya! Catlina berjaya menjadi antara 5 blogger terawal mencalonkan MBP utk Web Blog Popular Malaysia dan mendapat blog review percuma! 🙂 still waiting neh!

Maklumat lanjut:klik
sini.Jom klik-klik!


1 Comment

  1. adianiez AIDA said,

    October 12, 2009 at 2:29 am

    aduhai. aida lom lg buat post tentang MBP. hmmm… takde idea.

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