Sebenarnya masa MomBloggersPlanet bukak permohonan utk jadi MBP’s Contributor,aku saje2 try apply.Dan setelah permohonan diterima, Admin MBP iaitu Kak Ros aka Little Mama akan reply dgn menghantar emel mengandungi sedikit tugasan untuk tengok penulisan pemohon.

Dan bila bukak emeil pagi tadi…guess what!I got the job!

Apa itu MBP’s contributor?

MomBloggersPlanet is getting big and we need some help here!

We’re looking for 10 Guest Bloggers that will be known as MBP Contributors. Yes, you heard me right.

If you think you have a bit passion in writing and would love to share your experience in blogging/working at home/make money blogging with other mommies, we invite you to become MBP Contributors.

As an MBP Contributors, you will get these.

  • 200 MBP reward points upon hiring
  • Free exposure of your blog through author link in your writing
  • Free Fame on MomBloggersPlanet (I’ll create a special page listing all the MBP Contributors profile).
  • MomBloggersPlanet Contributor Badge (see below )
  • Upgrade member’s status from Subscriber to Contributor (you can create your own entry and post in MBP)

Terms & Condition

  1. MBP Contributor must be a registered member of MBP
  2. Commit to write minimum 2 postings a month (maximum 5). We have the right to terminate any contributor that do not follow this rule.
  3. Article writing must be in English and in your own style (grammar and typo error are acceptable).
  4. Writing must be about blogging/working at home/make money blogging (any stories/tips/tutorial that can help and motivate other moms).
  5. Copyright remain with you so you can post it in your blog as well.
  6. I will send one simple and short writing assignment to look at your writing style as well as determined your commitment in writing.
  7. MomBloggersPlanet has the right to ammend the Terms & Condition, anytime without notice.

Note: MBP is using English as the main language in blog entries because our readers come not only from Malaysia but also from other countries like USA, UK, Philipine, Singapore etc. Hence, we will only accept contributors who can write in English only.

Kena start cari topik dah pas ni! 🙂

Happy Writing to me!Tahniah juga kepada 9 orang MBP Contributors yang lain :

“UmmiKhayra, Christine, UstazCahaya, sitisifir10, alohamolly, syigim, Lyna, i_sofia”

**masih memikirkan jalan yang sesuai utk balik kampung…dgr kat berita, kat Kuantan banjir!baru plan nak tido semalam kat sane.. Kuantanese, any tips about jalan ke Kelantan?



  1. Jiji said,

    December 7, 2009 at 2:53 am

    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! *salam-salam*

  2. MamaAlden said,

    December 7, 2009 at 4:12 am

    wow.. congrats. :p cmane tu? dpt blk kg tak? huuhuu.. sabo jela.. ekk.. at least dlm setahun u pny probability blh blk kg 7/10. yg aku ni..iskk iskk 2/10 :phappy holiday to jd baby sitter ar?

  3. CikMin said,

    December 7, 2009 at 11:57 am

    klik2 lrt tuk e-ein…hehehe…cat.naik flight je la balik..senang cite…

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