Mek sibuk …

Tgk ni masa photoshoot dgn famili Laila Sabtu lepas, ade seorang mek sibuk yang namanye dirahsiakan…

Sibuk-sibuk…tgk background kan ada org tgh berposing tu E-ein…hehehe
Sibuk-sibuk-sibuk..aiseh payung E-ein tak leh tutuplah mama!
Ni pulak gelagat si photographer (abah mek sibuk tadi)dan papa kepada model hehehe..

Ni gambar mama mek sibuk masa makan-makan kat Kluang Rail Coffee lepas photoshoot …mek sibuk tu tgh badmood sebab kepenatan, tak dapat main buaian dan juga ada sikit2 mengantuk.

Masing2 tinggalkan DSLR dalam kete masa ni..hp juga berguna! :)hehe..

To Laila: thanks ye sudi datang walaupun awal pagi! 🙂 Lagi gambar kat sini ye?



My wiggy design

Dear Nuffnang,if I ever owned a wiggy, I want it to have design like this…

Image taken from here

Coz I’m a cat-person!

too complicated?…or..maybe this one…
colourful paws print on my wiggy!!!

Here’s the video belongs to Project Alpha!

Episode 33

Episode 34

Episode 35

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Cute Pink Babies Contest

Powered by

Terjumpa contest ni masa jalan2 kat blog Chugie.Kebetulan ada gambar E-ein dgn baju berhud pink, so why not try it out?:) Sekadar memeriahkan contest, kalau ada rezeki , adalah..amin…..Teringat pulak kata2 rakan sejabatan masa meeting tadi, kita suka masuk bertanding, kalah menang itu adatlah :)..Contest anjuran Mama Qis Qas .Thank you dear for such lovely and cute contest!

Gambar utk penyertaan:

Nama anak:Nur Dayana Insyirah bt Zulkeflai aka E-ein
DOB: 18 March 2009( 1 tahun 2 bulan)

Duhai cintaku, mama mencintaimu sebagaimana mama mencintai nyawa mama, malah lebih lagi dari itu.Andai musibah melandamu, mama rela menjadi galang gantinya, andai dirimu sakit pening, mama rela bersengkang mata menjagamu hingga sembuh, andai dirimu berduka, mama sanggup berbuat apa sahaja demi melihatmu bergembira, cuma kasih sayangmu kelak mama ingini,kerana dirimu lah cinta hati mama, selamanya…

Dari Mama mu….

wish I can be with you all the time…

Ilhan Ryan Mother’s Day Lucky Draw

Organized by my online buddy, Kak AiVee.Thanks ye kak for organizing such exciting contest!

Bermula 7 Mei – 30 Mei 2010.Jom sama2 sertai lucky draw ni!

Very the simple lucky draw!(aku nak menang album gmbr tu, wpun dah ada photobook, ada lagi gmbr2 E-ein yang aku dah printn sebelum2 ni, belum beli album baru…

1) Harus jadi Follower Ilhanryan & Aivee-Emart dan add dalam Bloglist
2) Buat satu Entry yg simple (letak banner, tajuk, tarikh & link) berkenaan Giveaway/Lucky Draw Ryan ni.Optional ~ Dan pada sesapa yg agak2 nak rajin tu ade lagi 1 lagi hadiah menanti anda (maknanya peserta yg dapat hadiah lucky draw juga berpeluang untuk menang). cuma lakukan ini; – tambahkan entry spt diatas 2) berkenaan blogshop Aivee-Emart beserta 1 or 2 keping gambar product yang menarik perhatian anda.

3) Letak Banner Giveaway/Lucky Draw Ryan pada Sidebar blog.

4) Tinggalkan jejak/comment beserta butiran ini;
a) link Giveaway/Lucky Draw Ryan blog and

b) id/nama glamer follower anda

c) email anda

Good luck kepada semua yang join!!Nak tgk hadiah dia ada kat sini k!

Lucky Draw: Food Blogger Review

Sempena pelancaran Blog Catlina on Makan-makan!Terhad kepada 25 org penyertaan pertama shj!Klik badge di bawah!!

I Blog About…Contest

Website mombloggers kesayanganku, MomBloggersPlanet sedang menganjurkan Contest : I Blog About….

Jom join jika dalam blog anda

1.berkongsi cerita anda pergi melancong , berjalan-jalan@ sight seeing di tempat2 menarik(90% ke atas, cerita pasal jalan2).

Link dia kat sini: I Blog About Travel

2.Berkongsi cerita memasak,makan-makan, food review dan ape2 je berkaitan makanan(90% ke atas , cerita pasal makan2 @ makanan)

Link dia sini: I Blog About Food

Mereka yang terpilih akan difeatured di MBP’s Hall of Fame setiap hari Isnin(travel blog) dan Selasa (Food Blog).Bukan senang nak dapat featrure/review dari Little Mama @ MBP tau..dia punya waiting list sikit punya panjang!Kalau nak cepat kena review, nilah caranya!

Sedikit fakta tentang MBP:Mom Bloggers Planet is a place where Malaysian mom/women bloggers unite. But, singles and papa bloggers are also welcome! Google Page Rank 3, Google Friends 1,140, Facebok Fans 1,000, Registered Members 1,550 and Twitter Followers 3,540.And the number is adding up, baybeh! hehee…

See?Kalau anda di featured kat MBP, you gain more traffic!

Good Luck!(geram je tak dapat masuk sebab takde kategori blog baby atau blog rojak..hehehee ku tgh tunggu I Blog About Photos @ Photography nye segment!)

Mei’s May Tai Contest!

Brought by Mei’s Mei Tai

Would you like win your very own CUSTOM MADE Mei’s Mei Tai for FREE??To celebrate the month of May = Mei we shall have our very first contest, yeay! ..

Oh yesss!memang sesuai bangat contest ni dgn aku weh!!Memang tgh survey Mei tai dan SSC..

Ok let’s see the prizes!


Grand prize:

Your very own Custom Made Mei’s Mei Tai!

2 lucky finalist

40% Mei’s Mei Tai discount vouchers (applicable for custom made mei tai only)

Facebook Fan Deal:If we hit 1000 fan by the deadline; 20% discount on all Custom Made/Instock Mei’s Mei Tai for all for orders made between the month of May ~ July 2010.

What you need to do:

  1. Choose your Mei Tai strap from our strap color selection available in our gallery.
  2. Design you Mei Tai panel using any fabrics in our panel/hood gallery or shambijoux store (**couldnt find what you like? fabric not listed? email us, we might be able to help)
  3. Design your own Mei Tai hood, (options: reversible/non reversible, hoodie/normal hood, mesh hood). Fabric maybe the same as the panel, or other matching design.
  4. Give your Mei Tai a name.
  5. Tell us why you should be the lucky winner through your blog/twitter/facebook that link back to us (
  6. Email to us with the subject: (Contest; *your mei tai’s name*):
  • Your Mei Tai design (no we don’t ask you to draw :p) just email to us ( your fabric selection & how you want the Mei Tai to be.
  • The link to your blog/twitter/Facebook

*Multiple entries allowed but, each entry cannot have the same reason why you should win the Custom Made Mei’s Mei Tai. Please send one email per submission.

(Answer ot Question 5.)Why I should win?(Kenapa aku patut menang?)

I want to win a Mei’s Baby Carrier CUSTOM MADE Mei’s Mei Tai for FREE because I want my precious baby to be close at my heart as possible and I want her to feel like in mama’s tummy :).Plus I want to be proud to wear my first custom made Mei Tai of elegant fabric for the body panel and hood, made by Mei’s Mei Tai, here and there.In my whereabout now, Kluang, babywearing with Mei Tai ,SSC and Ring Sling is quite new because most parent use the carrier that can be bought in supermarkets.If I win, it would also be a promotion for custom made Mei Tais and other babywearings!

(For task no 4.Give your Mei Tai a name):

The name for this design I chose is Dayana Adriane’s Song (Dayana is a part of my daughter’s name: means bravery and Adriane is a part of a butterfly species name:Adriane merione ,Song means the butterfly patterns I chose symbolised a story about her journey from little butterfly nymph(baby) to become a beautiful adult butterfly.)

Together the name combination means that I want my baby to be strong and brave when she spread her wings like a butterfly toward adulthood, and in the mean time while she is still a baby & child,she is under a spread of mama’s wings.. 🙂

Submission must reach us before 1st May 2010.

EXTENDED!! new submission date is on Mother’s Day 9th May 2010.

The requirement:

We made it easy! Just become our fan on facebook and shout about this contest!

How we select the winner:

We will select the winner base on the most creative design + the reason why you should win the mei tai :)

Winner to be announced on 18th May 2010 (Mei’s wedding anniversary :P )

Jom join ramai2, sempat lagi nih!

The First Cry

The news-July 2008
Every married women dreams of being a mum, which is such a joyous and exciting experience. My bundle of joy arrived when I’m in the 3rd year of marriage. Why I knew that I conceived her on July 2008?Because I’ve been keeping tracks of my ovulation day and my menses cycle.I even started to aware there is another living being inside my tummy before I did the pregnancy test!They call it mother’s instinct.I call it the mother’s love. Mother’s love are infinite.Mother’s love are unconditional.Mother’s love are forever.

E-ein at 35 weeks inside mama’s tummy

The bountiful 40 weeks
The 40 weeks have been so captivating. There were some bad news though, I was suspected to have recurrent hyperthyroidism and pregnancy diabetes.Set that aside, I felt both eager and fear of the delivery at the same time. It was just getting into another world called motherhood.Will it be painful?Will it be easy?How long can it be for me to see my baby and hear her first cry?Can I endure the pain?

The feeling
I used to be a naughty and stubborn child. Will I have the patience like my mother’s had?I have used to claim that I am strong and “berhati kering”.Will I have the courage to let my baby go on her own ways when she grow up?Will I have the courage to not shed tears when she become somebody’s wife?

18th March 2009
My water broke at 12 noon while chatting on YM with few friends!!The pain did not come yet, it was just the feeling of a little “nak patah tulang belakang” @ simply translated, backpain.When I was in the car with my hubby and parent, I was dizzy with excitement and anxiousness.But I try to act cool so that my hubby didn’t panic while driving.The questions keep on repeating in my head.How she would look like?Would she be like me or her father?Will she have my eyes and her father’s hair? or vice versa?Will she know I am her mother when she first saw me?

It was so painful to bring another life to this world, but it was worth it.I strained for 4 hours before she came out to greet us . The good doctor told me after the strenuos 4 hours(that felt like 40 hours!), I have to be vacuum assisted because I had been exhausted and have little energy left. They were trying to avoid c-sect.And suddenly, after the doctor worked his magic with the vacuum thingy , it all gone away.The pain.The fear.The anxiousness.I cried out of joy , “Alhamdulillah….Allahuakhbar!” It was the child that me & my hubby been waiting to meet.To see her eyes , to hold her little fingers and to hear her cry for the first time.I swear to God that she looked into my eyes when the nurse gave her to me!!We named her ,Nur Dayana Insyirah( the light of braveness and soothing).Our bundle of joy, our handful of happiness which fits perfectly in our hands.

Here she was, at one day old…

And here she is now at 1 year and 1 month ++.

To all mothers out there,Happy Mother’s Day is everyday…:)..

Yep..this is a contest..for mothers, but for me it is also an opportunity to express what I feel to hear E-ein’s first cry…

Brought by:

Sponsored by:

Let’s join now!Just click the contest banner above and the prizes are…

  1. Grand Prize Winner x 1 – FREE Designer Inspired bag of the winner’s choice (any bag available on the website)
  2. Consolation Prizes (Unlimited) – All submissions gets 15% Mother’s Day Cash Voucher To Shop At

Full info is here.

Hadiah-hadiah on the way..

Bakal diposkan esok pagi, Insya Allah….tunggguuuuu!!


1.Nurul Baizura-pemenang hadiah misteri KedaiGambarKami- Aivee Emart Best Photo Contest
(bungkusan Nurul tebal sket sebab ade 2 buah photobook yang dia order , aku hantar sekali dgn hadiah..

2.Mama Aerish – pemenang hadiah misteri KedaiGambarKami- Aivee Emart Best Photo Contest

3.Mama Umar – pemenang Kategori A Nur Dayana Insyirah’s First Birthday Give away..

Tahniah sekali lagi!!!


Hubby ku Cg Fly pernah bertanya..”apa yang awak dapat bila wat contest pastu bagi hadiah byk2 kat org neh?Jawapan aku…”kepuasan..gembira dapat happykan org! ” :)….

…bagi aku…we get what we give 🙂 and what we give, we get back(ahaks belasah jelah..)…….renung2kan….:) good nite sume….

Saya benang!(read: menang!)

Menang hadiah baby bib dari Mommy Qastalani!Thanks Qas & Mr Random..tapi takde rezeki la nak fridge magnet utk that other giveaway..huhu..

Sy pilih kaler merah cam kat bwh ni..harap2 dapat!Merah itu Dayana Insyirah!(berani hihihi)

P/S: malam ni sy akan bungkuskan hadiah utk pemenang KGK-Aivee Emart contest dan juga bagi pemenang Kategori A, Nur Dayana Insyirah’s giveaway!Esok nak poskan…

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